Host: Joshua Farahnik

Dr. Farahnik is passionate about discovering and treating the root cause of illness. He believes that one of his primary roles as a physician is to empower and educate patients, to collaborate on developing sustainable and accessible treatment plans, grounded in evidence informed medicine. He found naturopathic medicine many years ago after the conventional healthcare system failed to discover and address his chronic health issues. In realizing and experiencing the power of a holistic and integrated approach to medical care that helped bring him back to health, he knew this was his calling.

Men's Meeting

This is a monthly meeting for men with Parkinsonism.

Caretakers, partners, and other are asked not to join in order to maintain the privacy of the group. Each month we will focus on a different topic, based on the desires of the group.

This group is designed to be a safe and welcoming space for men with Parkinson's to learn about and discuss a diverse range of health topics in order to optimize wellness and quality of life.

Cardiovascular Health

Men have unique cardiovascular risk factors, which quickly opens a can of worms about cholesterol, statins, and strategy.

Sexual Health

Did you know that morning erections are the result of a morning surge of DHEA?

Did you know diet and blood sugar can impact erections?

Psychological Transitions

In addition to the changes that come with age and life stage, the diagnosis of Parkinson's can move us into new chapters. Let's explore roles, responsibilities, resistance, and acceptance of transition periods.