10 Year Summary of MVP Study Diet Data: Relationship Between Food Intake and Parkinson Symptom Severity Over Time

With the support of generous donations by community members, we have been able to analyze the data obtained from the first 1700 individuals with idiopathic PD to enroll in the MVP Study.

After adjusting for age, gender, income, and years since diagnosis, these are the foods associated with faster and slower accumulation of symptoms.

This is not my opinion; I am simply describing the data.

This type of research, cross-sectional and observational, is unable to tell us WHY any of these foods might be related. And just because there is an association, it doesn't mean that A caused B.

Still, common sense suggestions are proposed as the potential relevance of these data are discussed.

Not All Foods Are Equal

Some are more bad than others. Some good ones seems to be "more good" than others. Strategic eating is all about learning to stack the deck in your favor!

Frequency (Dose) Matters!

People often have a difficult time understanding how quickly a few servings add up.

Refrigerator Magnets?

We're trying all sorts of clever strategies to remind people how to eat. Refrigerator magnets and reusable shopping bags are a good start.

Only the Good Stuff

There is a tendency to prioritize giving up the bad over enhancing the good. Rx: MORE GOOD.

Medi vs. MIND Diet

No doubt about it, the MIND diet was associated with better PD outcomes over time, when compared to those on a Mediterranean diet. Green leafy veggies, nuts, and fish seemed to be particularly beneficial.

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Laurie K Mischley, ND PhD MPH

Dr. Mischley has spent the past two decades studying the unique nutritional requirements of people with Parkinsonism and working to find better ways to measure, monitor, predict, and prevent PD.

Her academic training is in naturopathic medicine (ND), nutrition (BS, PhD), and epidemiology (MPH). She created the PRO-PD outcome measure, built the Parkinson Symptom Tracking App (www.pd-symptoms.com), has trained dogs to detect the scent of parkinism in ear wax (ParK-9.com), is lead investigator of the MVP-Study.com, and is founder of the Parkinson Center for Pragmatic Research (CPR). She created Parkinson-School.com in 2020 as a way to empower patients, accelerate education and catalyze some long-overdue conversations.

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