Parkinson-PRO Diet-- Point Tracking Page

I'm sincerely asking for feedback. To those of you who print this out and try using it-- what do you like? What don't you like? What could we do better?

There are a lot of true/ false behaviors that I'd like to encourage / discourage, but I don't know how to assign points for them.

As I said in the lecture, I'm counting fresh fruit, even though it didn't make the standard statistical cut.

Similarly, I suspect that "farro" should be "farro, spelt, quinoa, & buckwheat" -- based on trends, not necessarily because they cross the official line.

Should this list be strictly foods that cross the 0.05 threshold, or should I use some judgement as we observe trends?

Also-- I'm curious how many points you can get in a day. Have a friendly competition with yourself, your partner, or a friend. Who can get the most points in 1 day? For those that knock it out of the park, please share your tricks!

PRO-DIET FINAL_Dec 2023.pdf
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