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Theme: Lean In

Meaning: To embrace; to experience fully or respond to wholeheartedly. To take on or embrace something difficult or unpleasant, usually through determination or perseverance; to find a way to benefit from, or alleviate the harm of, risk, uncertainty and difficult situations.
Lean into it
This does not mean you just take control - that’s a trite response, but rather use it, the it in this case Parkinsons. 

One can sit back and let others make the decisions for you, tell you that the diagnosis can be handled by this drug, there’s no cure, there’s not much else you can do but sit back on your butt and ahhh, hope for the best. Well that’s a shitty way to look at just about anything.

There’s not any one response as this Parkinsons will affect each of us differently – hence not one response – not one drug – not one way especially letting soneone else give you that one way.

So, I can tell you what I’ve done and with each of these “adventures” I traveled on, some worked – or not.
The first thing I did was NOT - to stop.

I read – copiously, knowingly that again all the words, all the advice, would not be ideal or a perfect fit for me.
It’s like the difference between reading from Wikipedia  - or studying and watching Mohammed Ali. 
I continued to work
I attended Parkinsons Summer School

I took boxing classes

I rode a horse (hippo therapy)

I found a diet that worked – and I could follow without the need to consume an entire chocolate cake after a week.

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